Blue Stars for a Safe Return

This website is dedicated to the men and women serving in our Armed Forces around the world,
our Veterans and our Fallen Heroes.

Our troops stand in the gap for all of us to ensure our freedom today and for generations to come. They make tremendous sacrifices and put their lives on the line while you and I enjoy our freedoms here at home. Their families also make tremendous sacrifices towards our freedoms, as well. They give up their time with loved ones, so that they can go off to serve their country. They spend holidays, birthdays and other special occasions apart, often away from their own families as well. They worry about their loved ones overseas, and wait anxiously for that letter or call that means so much.

During WWII, mothers hung a Blue Star Banner in their windows to let others know their sons were away at war.
Praying For Their Safe Return displays are not designed to replace or diminish the meaning of the Blue Star Banners. They are simply another way to express our support and prayers for the troops, especially loved ones, stationed around the world. We encourage the displays of the Blue Star and Gold Star banners, as well as a variety of other items in support of the troops.

The Flag represents our patriotism and pride in our country;

Our Signature Design - Framable Art The Eagle represents our Freedom, which we often take for granted;

The Branch represents those of us here at home praying for our loved ones overseas;

The Gold Ring around the Branch, holding up the Star, represents our link to one or more of the troops serving in Iraq and around the world;

The Blue Star represents the loved one overseas that we are praying returns safely.

The Gold Star represents the loved ones Lost But Not Forgotten.

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